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Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile Season 2 to start on July 12

It'll add another mobile-first Legend.

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Respawn Entertainment has set a date on when the second season of Apex Legends Mobile will start, and also revealed the new character that it will be adding. Bringing Rhapsody, this character will be another mobile-first Legend, and is known as a "rhythm loving DJ" that has a "cute but deadly AI-controlled helper bot called 'Rowdy'".

Originally coming from Kómma, Rhapsody is said to have used her talent for music as a way to escape the poverty of the dangerous district of Neon Dunes. It's also said that Rhapsody is joining the Apex Games as a way to help free her family from the debt that they have accumulated.

You can take a look at Rhapsody as part of the new Distortion trailer below, and can look forward to more information about Season 2 coming soon. As for when Season 2 will start, that is set for July 12, so next week.

Apex Legends Mobile

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