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Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile releases in just a few days

EA, Respawn, and Tencent join forces in the launch of the battle royale for both iOS and Android.

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Just a few days ago Electronic Arts and Titanfall studio Respawn confirmed that the global release of the Apex Legends Mobile adaptation would happen during the month of May, and now the acclaimed battle royale is ready to make the jump to Android and iOS devices on May 17. The confirmation came via a press release and the trailer below, which shows the characters available at launch.

Apex Legends Mobile

Prior to that date, EA has been giving incentives to players registering to the game. Therefore, the first to enter the fray will get additional cosmetics and other gifts for being there at the ready. It's worth mentioning that, same as on PC and consoles, ALM will be totally free-to-play, in a model where you only pay for accessories and such.

You can watch the trailer below or perhaps check whether your smart device meets this required specs.


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