Apex Legends Mobile

Apex Legends Mobile has surpassed 23 million players already

And Loba is now in the game.

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Respawn has officially added another Legend into Apex Legends Mobile following the game's recent launch. It's Loba who has made her debut on the mobile iteration of the title, and has arrived as part of the Season 1 update known as Cold Snap.

This update adds a new battle pass, a new limited time game mode, an update to a few points of interest in-game, and likewise offers up the opportunity for players to visit and check out all of these features as the translocating thief, Loba.

But more than just new content, Respawn has revealed that Apex Legends Mobile has already reached the 23 million player milestone, despite only launching back in mid-May, which is a rather impressive milestone to reach in such a small time frame.

Check out the trailer for the Cold Snap update for the game below.

Apex Legends Mobile

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