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Apex Legends is heading to Switch and Steam

Cross-play was also confirmed across all platforms, and we're getting the Lost Treasures event next week.

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Cross-play is coming to Apex Legends "this fall", and that includes the newly announced Nintendo Switch and Steam PC versions of the free-to-play shooter, which are also set to land this autumn.

Game director Chad Grenier was on hand to share first details about next week's Lost Treasures content drop. It's a new collection event coming to Apex Legends on June 23, and it was the opening game to feature at EA Play.

Grenier detailed a limited-time mode called Armed & Dangerous Evolved (snipers and shotguns, plus there's a new mobile respawn beacon in your inventory). We also got a glimpse of a new location, Crytpo's map room, which is being added along with a bunch of cosmetics for players to unlock.

New content aside, the big announcement is of course cross-play and the ports to Steam PC and the Nintendo Switch. Will you be downloading Apex on Nintendo Switch or Steam PC?

Apex Legends

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