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Apex Legends Global Series Year 3 Split 1 Playoffs to be held in London this weekend

And now Respawn has announced the schedule for the event.

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Respawn announced a few weeks back that the Apex Legends Global Series Year 3 Split 1 Playoffs would be held in London at the Copper Box Arena in the city, and that it would be held between February 2 and 5. Well, as that is this coming weekend, the developer has now released a schedule for the event.

We're told that the group stage will be held on Thursday and Friday, and that the bracket stage will be set for Saturday, with the finals planned for Sunday. As for the exact timings of each game, you can find that at the blog post here.

Otherwise, the prizing for the event will see the winner walking away with $300,000, with each position down to 20th getting considerably less from the total $1 million pool.

To see where your favourite team will be starting in the group stage, you can also check out the graphic below for all the group details.

Apex Legends

As for watching the event, you can catch it right here.

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