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Apex Legends Global Series' fourth year features a $5 million prize pool

There will also be three LAN events.

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EA and Respawn Entertainment have now announced the plans for the fourth year of the Apex Legends Global Series. The season, which will kick off in December with a Preseason tournament, will feature a $5 million prize pool and likewise will boast a collection of regional events and three major LAN tournaments too.

We're told that the first Split of the season will start in January 2024 and that this has been expanded to now include China as an additional region. There is no date set for the LAN events, but we can likely expect one after Split 1 and a second after Split 2, which will no doubt be set for sometime in spring. Each split will offer $1 million to be dished out among the regions.

As for the World Championship, this will take place after a Last Chance Qualifier event and will see the best teams from around the world competing for a share of a $2 million prize pool.

Respawn notes that there will be further information shared about the ALGS Year 4 in the coming weeks.

Apex Legends

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