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Ape Escape

Ape Escape Move detailed

Motion-control Monkey business soon

Sony has detailed its upcoming Ape Escape title which sees the long-running franchise swing onto the PlayStation 3 with a Move controller firmly in hand.

Due for release this June, Ape Escape will offer fifteen levels of monkey-capturing mayhem, with the Move controller doubling up as different simian attacking weapons such as a net, slingshot and an ape vacuum.

The game offers multiple game modes - there's Chase sequences, and a mixture of attack and defend gameplay as monkeys try and steal your bananas in Capture battles.

Given Move's interest in capturing the casual market, it shouldn't be surprising that it also offers a mixture of mini-games, which are unlocked as you play through the story mode.

Factoid fans: there's five hundred different monkeys available for capture.

Ape Escape
Ape EscapeApe Escape