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Anthem runs in native 4K on Xbox One X

Microsoft has some bragging rights with Bioware's latest offering, but as always a stable framerate is what is most important.

We are still playing Anthem and will provide a review fairly shortly. But one thing we can tell you right now about it, is that the Xbox One X version of the game is truly impressive. Yesterday it was revealed by Xbox Wire that Anthem is actually running in native 4K for Microsofts latest console. Here's what Scott Neumann, Head of Technology for Anthem at Bioware, had to say on the topic:

"The Anthem team has been able to leverage the power of the Xbox One X to deliver enhanced graphics to our players. The added GPU power of this console allows Anthem to render at native 4K and with HDR. To complement the increased image quality of 4K, we have also increased the resolution at which we render shadows in the game, and we have enhanced the rendering of in-game terrain. Finally, the added memory of the Xbox One X allows us to increase the number of meshes and textures we stream into the player's view at any given moment."

That is really cool, of course, but it should also be mentioned that there were reports of an uneven or choppy frame in the beta. We still don't know how the game will run after the massive update that is being released on the very same day as the game is officially launched, but we'll keep out thumbs crossed that the glorious 4K graphics will be accompanied by a rock solid frame rate.


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