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Anthem lands on EA and Origin Access

Seven months after release, Bioware's game has found a new home, along with a number of other titles too.

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Earlier this year Anthem launched to a lukewarm response from fans and critics alike, but now EA has revealed a brand new drop of games for both the EA and Origin Access services, with Anthem now available in the vault.

Fans can try the Cataclysm event before it ends as a part of this, and EA has actually dedicated an entire post to it, explaining that fans get the Standard Edition with Access. That said, you could also get the Legion of Dawn Edition with Origin Access Premier.

This isn't the only game landing on Origin Access on PC though, as Out of the Park Baseball 20, The Escapists 2, Ultimate Chicken Horse, Vambrace: Cold Soul, and Yooka-Laylee have also arrived, with FIFA 20 available on September 19 with Premier, while a 10-hour trial is available the same day for basic users.

As for EA Access on PS4 and Xbox One, they'll also get the same early trial of FIFA 20 on September 19.

Is this good news for Anthem?


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