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Anthem allegedly getting a total rehaul

A new report indicates that Bioware is committed to the game, but that it's going to be changed entirely.

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Considering departures from Bioware and Anthem's less-than-ideal reception on release, many have been speculating about the future of the game, but a new report from Kotaku indicates that it's getting a rehaul, according to three unnamed sources, with people calling it 'Anthem 2.0' or 'Anthem Next'.

The report didn't share a lot of details, which are allegedly still being decided, and there's no timeline either. It may come as one update or many over a period of time, and most of the systems, from missions to loot, will be changed. This might be a whole new game entirely, but it's unlikely that this will be a full-price game.

Teams in Austin and Edmonton are working hard on this overhaul, and one source had the following to say:

"We spent a few months just tearing it down and figuring out what needed to change fundamentally (a lot). And we've been rebuilding for another few months since."

The entire structure is reportedly being changed, according to one source, and this would include the world, which may be broken into sections.

"We're also looking at breaking up the need to go back to [Fort Tarsis] after every mission," said a source, "and what a mission technically is. That was always a weird disconnect. [We're] trying to integrate the disparate parts of the game together."

Another source said the studio is doing "lots of testing things out and experimentation but still nothing concrete."

Earlier this year Bioware moved away from the Acts structure for updates, but Bioware has always said that they're committed to making the game the fans want, using player feedback to make that happen.

What does Anthem need to change?


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