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Skate 4

Another retailer lists Skate 4 for 2018

A marketing stunt or more clues as to its development?

You never know with online video game retailers. Sometimes they're innocent but very informative leakers, uploading product pages ahead of time (much to the dismay of their publishing partners, no doubt). Other times they're sneaky, strategic marketers who produce fake titles to garner some attention (and pre-orders). The latter tactic, however, risks the wrath of fans when release time rolls around, and today's case does sound like it could be something along those lines.

Simply put, Swedish online retailer Webhallen has just listed Skate 4 for PS4 and Xbox One, with a release planned for later this year, 2018.

The product page even features very simplistic boxart, along with some flames intended to denote player expectation and a hype meter of 10 points. Those who feel that cover looks familiar will be happy to learn that it's the very same boxart that was leaked by another retailer two years ago, when it was said the game was going to include Skate 3 on Xbox One as a bonus.

For now, though, fans should take this with a hefty dollop of salt, as the same retailer also lists Half-Life 3 or The Elder Scrolls VI. At the same time, that doesn't mean that Skate 4 won't happen at all. In fact, this listing only reignites speculation after EA's own community manager teased something a few weeks ago.

Do you believe we'll skate again in 2018? Leave a comment below.

Skate 4

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