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Another Playstation top name is leaving Sony

Gio Corsi helped support the PlayStation Vita in his role as head of global second-party games, but he's moving on.

Sony's Playstation team has lost a few key figures this autumn, with the most famous one being Sony Interactive Entertainment Worldwide Studios boss Shawn Layden. At about the same time Sony Interactive Entertainment corporate director Atsushi Morita revealed that he was entering retirement, and now Gio Corsi - head of global second-party games at Playstation - has tweeted that he is leaving as well.

He doesn't write why and won't reveal his upcoming plans either, but does add that he will "be back in games soon enough". Considering his experience, we doubt that he will have a hard time finding the next gig, and he's probably most known for his support of PS Vita, often introducing new features and games for Sony's portable unit.

Perhaps that's why it's fitting that he ends his message by writing: "Thanks for it all & long love the Vita!"

Where do you think Corsi is going next?

Another Playstation top name is leaving Sony

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