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Another job position for new Titanfall project emerges

Respawn is keeping busy right now, what with this project, a Star Wars game, and something in the VR world.

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Respawn Entertainment is hiring for a new Titanfall game, and we know that because a couple of days ago the developer advertised a position for a Senior Technical Animator to work on the new project.

This isn't the first job opening we've seen for a new Titanfall, as the studio has been posting these throughout the last year. It does however indicate the project is still in the early stages of development.

In October EA CEO Andrew Wilson confirmed during an earnings call one of the games in development was a new Titanfall game, after all, but we still don't know if this is Titanfall 3 or something totally different.

Respawn is also working on their Star Wars game and an unannounced VR project, so they're certainly keeping busy.

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Titanfall 2

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