Another Deathloop Game or DLC Could be On the Way

Thanks to a slip-up from one of the game's voice actors.

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Some more content from Arkane's hit roguelike Deathloop could be on the way, as the voice actor for Colt drops a major hint that he and Ozioma Akagha - the voice actor for Julianna - are still being hired by the studio.

In a recent stream, Jason Kelley, the voice behind the protagonist of Deathloop Colt, is talking about the audition process he and Akagha went through to get their roles. At around 11 minutes into the video below, Kelley is asked if he remembers the codenames Arkane used in order to hide the identity of the game he'd be working on, to which he responded "yes, I can't say [the codenames] because they're still sometimes hiring us under the codenames."


It's Kelley's reaction that really sells this as an interesting piece of information, as he immediately reacts as if he's said something he shouldn't have. There's no more information given following that, but if the voice actors for Colt and Juliana are both being hired still for Deathloop, it means there's a chance of some DLC or another game down the line.

Deathloop was a successful game for Arkane, so it would make sense the studio would return to the island of Blackreef at some point, but until anything is confirmed officially, we can't get too hyped about more Deathloop just yet.


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