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Anno 2205

Anno 2205: It was time for some "fresh blood"

Blue Byte are aiming for the moon with the sixth Anno.

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At this year's E3 we had a quick word with creative director Dirk Riegert regarding Anno 2205, and while he didn't go into too much detail, he did explain that players will start the game on Earth before heading out to the Moon, as well confirming that this latest game in the series will see plenty of improvements.

"There's a lot of new gameplay features, we really optimised and streamlined" Riegert explained. "After five Annos in a row we really felt it was time for some optimisation and new, fresh blood that we should add to the series."

Anno 2205 is heading to PC in November. You can check out screens and a trailers for the city building strategy game below.

Anno 2205Anno 2205
Anno 2205Anno 2205Anno 2205
Anno 2205Anno 2205Anno 2205

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