Anker Soundcore Motion X600

The latest Anker speaker has it all. And then again, not quite.

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Anker has a pretty versatile portfolio, I'll give them that, and while you might be thinking primarily of all forms of charging, they've actually been running their Soundcore brand for quite some time and have launched a number of solid products through it, too.

The latest addition is the Soundcore Motion X600, a relatively small speaker that really delivers immersive sound and is largely devoid of any real compromises - except for one rather central one.

It's pretty nice, first and foremost. It's incredibly subjective, but it's solidly constructed and relatively subtle in its design, and the aluminium carrying handle is a super nice extra touch that ensures smooth transport around. The small LED-lit buttons on the device itself are not touch, thank you very much, but actual tactile buttons covered by a rubber layer. This means it takes willpower to press them, but at the same time they work in all weather conditions. And yes, you can use the Soundcore Motion X600 in any weather as it is IPX7 certified, so it can withstand the slosh and splash of a nearby poolside or being placed directly in water.

Anker Soundcore Motion X600

Inside, the Soundcore Motion X600 has five drivers, each with its own amplifier. It all plays in stereo, totalling 50W, which is quite a lot considering the relatively small form factor. What's really impressive here is that Anker has worked to ensure that the speaker supports LDAC and SBC through Bluetooth 5.3 - codecs that have almost four times the kilobites of the standard Spotify Bluetooth signal, and something that should be noticeable to even the most casual listener. The idea is that Anker appeals more directly to more passionate users who want good sound, even in a limited form factor, even on the go, and that seems pretty smart when the market for the opposite is so clogged up.

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It sounds good, to say the least. It sounds really good. The sound is crisp, deep and wide, and although it lacks the warm signature of Marshall products, there is an authenticity that is hard to find, especially in the same price range. Yes, at just over £120, it's actually pretty good value for money, especially when compared to Sonos Roam, which costs £180 and gives you so much less, if only in terms of the actual sound experience.

Anker Soundcore Motion X600

Waterproof, excellent sound, solid build quality, great price - what's the catch? Well, it's the battery life, because despite weighing almost two kilos, there's only been room for a battery that can provide around 12 hours of playback. This is simply too little, and competing products from JBL, for example, offer double that and even more. It's also not very intuitive in terms of the whole concept of carrying a speaker with you, because if you take it out in the early afternoon on a long summer's day, it will be dead before the evening is over.

That said, there's a quality, a sound and a dexterity that's hard to put your finger on, and with the accompanying Soundcore app, you have an incredible amount of control over how your sound is put together. It's an accomplished product, and if the battery life could be doubled, possibly by increasing the weight, then we'd have something very special.

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