Animal Well

Animal Well breaks into Steam's top 5 best-sellers list

Billy Basso's title and Bigmode's first release arrived less than 24 hours ago on all platforms.

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It may have slipped under the radar for many, but Animal Well is now available on PlayStation 5, Steam and Nintendo Switch. It's a pixelated metroidvania in which we must explore the depths of a well in which strange animals and places hide a myriad of mysteries. We will have to advance through this dark cavern making use of a rather unusual arsenal of objects and solve puzzles through observation and exploration of the environment.

The first title published by Bigmode (a publisher run by content creator Video Game Dunkey) and developed solo by Billy Basso has had quite a strong reception, as shown by SteamDB statistics. The title is currently the third most popular release on Valve's platform, the fifth best-selling game at the moment, has over 97% positive reviews and a peak player count (less than 24 hours after release) of 6,417 players. And that's just on PC, because the game is also included in PS Plus and available in the Nintendo Switch eShop.

Leading media figures such as Jason Schreier and Stephen Totilo are already praising it as one of the most impactful indies of the year.

We've already set out to explore the well in Animal Well and you'll be able to read our review of this new indie sensation very soon.

Animal Well
Animal WellAnimal WellAnimal Well

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