Saw X

And the winner of the Saw Patrol weekend is...

The box office event of the year has been and gone.

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The box office event of the year took place over this past weekend. Yep, move over Barbenheimer, as Saw Patrol took the world by storm over the past few days, with movie fans flocking to the cinema to see both Saw X and Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie. With these two box office titans clashing, no doubt many of you are wondering who came out on top in a revenue sense? The answer may surprise a few people.

Because while Saw X has received rather favourable reviews and impressions, Paw Patrol: The Mighty Movie trounced it in regard to ticket sales. The animated kids film raked in $47 million over its opening weekend, making it the year's 50th biggest film so far already, putting it right behind Wes Anderson's Asteroid City, which managed $52 million during its complete theatrical run.

As for Saw X, the horror film only managed to net $29 million during its opening weekend, which was enough to see it become the 66th biggest film of the year so far.

Another big release this past weekend was The Creator, which despite its interesting sci-fi premise and the star power of John David Washington leading the cast, the film only managed to rake in $32 million, putting it 63rd in this year's standings.

With this being the spooky season, no doubt Saw X will have legs and continue to rake in revenue throughout October, whereas Paw Patrol and The Creator may struggle to tap into the theme of the month.

Saw X

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