Anarchy Reigns

Anarchy Reigns' Mathilda

Pointy boobs and bat/whip!

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Sega and Platinum Games have revealed a number of characters for Anarchy Reigns so far, and they have all been a bit out there. Mathilda, a 6'2" cyborg equipped with a whip that transforms into a spikey bat is no exception. With her purple body suit and translucent boobs spikes I'm sure she will manage to stick out from the rest of the rather deranged group of warriors on hand in Anarchy Reigns. Oh, and she weighs in at 414 lbs. for those who are curious (weird fact sheets = winning).

Anarchy ReignsAnarchy Reigns
A couple of pieces of artwork...
Anarchy ReignsAnarchy Reigns
... and a couple of Mathilda screenshots to brighten up your day.

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