Anarchy Reigns

Anarchy Reigns gets Black Baron

Check out Platinum's latest fighter

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While we try and hold back from swamping the site with every little piece of artwork and screen that is released for every game, we'll make the exception with anything baring Platinum Games' logo on it.

The Japanese developer has got some interesting design choices going on with its games - as seen in Bayonetta and Vanquish - and Anarchy Reigns is no different. Today the developer has chosen to focus in on one of our favourites from its preview last month, Black Baron, with his Super Sexy Fists of Fire.

The character's joining a few others who have jumped over the fence from MadWorld to be included in the roster for Platinum's first online multiplayer brawler. With the yellow cape and hat, he'll certainly stand out on the battlefield.

The game's released later this year. Screens and artwork of the Baron are below, and a trailer introducing the badass is below that.

Anarchy Reigns
Anarchy ReignsAnarchy Reigns

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