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Analyst states many underestimate the sales potential for Xbox

The sales potential for Microsoft's upcoming Xbox Series X is being underestimated says analyst.

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It's not only users on video game forums that are discussing which format will be the biggest success next generation - the analysts are doing it as well. And a fairly trusted one is the independent Benji Sales, who has now weighed in with his opinion regarding the potential of the Xbox Series X, which he thinks might be underestimated in the by far biggest market for video games in the world - the USA. He writes:

"To be perfectly honest, the more I look at things the more I think people are underestimating the sales potential for Xbox next-gen in the US

I think it's going to perform a lot better in that market than some think (global will still favor PS5). Positioning themselves very well.

Despite frankly horrendous messaging leading into this generation Xbox One has done really respectable in the US (Europe is where things REALLY dropped off).

Lot of people forget how strong a brand Xbox is in the US specifically. 360 was a monster here."

It's worth pointing out that the Playstation 3 was ahead of the Xbox 360 in most of Europe as well, but the latter's major impact in the US and UK alone led to Xbox 360 becoming a bigger seller in the west than Playstation 3. This was usually something that led to Xbox 360 become the lead format for a lot of games and thanks to this, the Xbox 360 became the console that most console games were optimised for.

Do you think Benji Sales might be on to something here with Xbox Series X, or will this generation repeat itself sales-wise with Playstation 5 becoming the superior format?

Analyst states many underestimate the sales potential for Xbox

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