An Xbox with a cartridge reader? We lay out our wishlist for a next-generation Xbox on the latest Gaming Gossip

Ben and Alex talk about if the world is even ready for next-generation consoles and what we'd like from a hypothetical new system.

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There have been a few new rumours doing the rounds as of late that Microsoft is aiming to get a new Xbox console into the hands of fans as soon as 2026. Considering we often have to wait eight years between console generations, this would make for a much shorter cycle than we're used to, so is the world even ready for a new Xbox device?

Ben and Alex ask that very question on the latest episode of Gaming Gossip, where the duo also come together and lay out their wishlist for what they'd like to see in a hypothetical next-generation Xbox system. Needless to say, there have been a few quirky and unusual suggestions such as an alternative to a bulky disc drive.

Check out the latest episode of the show below to see what we'd like from the next Xbox.


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