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An RTX3080 cannot run The Medium smoothly at 60fps

Even with all the Ray Tracing effects disabled, the title still struggles to maintain 60fps.

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The Medium is finally out today on both Xbox Series and PC, but it's looking like the latter platform might struggle with running this game, even if you've managed to get your hands on an elusive RTX3080 graphics card.

DSOGaming has performed a few tests with the new Bloober Team title on a rig decked out with an i9-9900K CPU, 16GB of DDR4/3800Mhz RAM, and a Founder's Edition Nvidia GeForce RTX3080, and they've discovered that the system cannot run The Medium smoothly at 60fps, even with all of its Ray Tracing effects disabled.

Bloober Team did reveal the PC specs for the title a few days ago stating that the game targets 30fps play at all resolutions, so we could probably expect that 60fps would take some serious hardware. But, considering a build with one of Nvidia's newest graphics cards even struggles to play this game at 60fps smoothly on the high settings at 1080p without any Ray Tracing effects (as DSOGaming discovered), you have to wonder whether Bloober Team has plans for better optimisation options in the game for PCs.

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