The Trail - A Frontier Journey

An iTunes page for 22 Cans' The Trail spotted online

Peter Molyneux's studio releases its next game.

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An iTunes page for Peter Molyneux's and 22Cans' next game The Trail has been spotted online.

As shown in the screenshots, the game appears to be a third-person adventure which takes place on a trail, tasking the player with travelling through different places which crafting, trading and collecting items. There are also hints that there is a town-building element involving the community, so there may even be multiplayer.

The game is available in the Philippines but not in the UK right now, and it is unclear when and if it will be made available elsewhere, especially since 22 Cans and Molyneux have been quiet about the game, perhaps in part due to the backlash around their other project Godus. What this new reveal means for Godus' future is unclear.

The Trail - A Frontier JourneyThe Trail - A Frontier Journey
The Trail - A Frontier JourneyThe Trail - A Frontier JourneyThe Trail - A Frontier Journey

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