The Wheel of Time

An animated The Wheel of Time prequel is on its way

It will revolve around a young girl who must travel to The White Tower to learn how to use her magical powers.

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While Amazon's live-action take on The Wheel of Time hasn't broken any records or been incredibly well received, the show has done well enough to be greenlit for a second season, a season that will be debuting in September this year. But on top of that, it has now been reported by Deadline that another The Wheel of Time adaptation is in the works, with this being an animated prequel.

Said to be called The White Tower, the movie will be penned by screenwriter Zack Stentz (Jurassic World: Camp Cretaceous, X-Men: First Class, Thor), and will tell the story of a young girl as she has to travel all the way to The White Tower to learn how to use her powers in order to save and protect her family.

For those unfamiliar with The Wheel of Time's universe, The White Tower is a building that serves as the headquarters of the Aes Sedai, a group of women who can channel the magical One Power.

As the project is still very early in its development, there is no word on casting or release date/window, but we do know that Iwot Productions is developing the feature-length flick, on top of continuing to work on the live-action series.

The Wheel of Time

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