An air fryer-only pop-up restaurant appeared in London last week

Fred Sirieix unveiled a temporary eatery to show off the latest Ninja air fryer products.

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While everyone seems to have an air fryer these days, many are still unclear and unaware of the benefits and the abilities of these cooking devices. Air fryer maker Ninja looked to prove just how versatile and capable these machines can be by creating and hosting a one-day pop-up restaurant in London last week where all of the food was cooked in its latest air fryer models.

As per The Standard, the event was hosted and unveiled by French TV presenter and maître d' Fred Sirieix, who was on hand to show just how versatile the Ninja Double Stack XL Air Fryer model is, all at this pop-up restaurant that was available to visit in London's Southbank on May 23.

The event was more than just a restaurant however, as the venue was set up in such a way that guests had to walk through a giant air fryer to enter the kitchen space, which was also modelled in such a way to prove just how air fryers can be used to maximise small spaces in your kitchen.

An air fryer-only pop-up restaurant appeared in London last week
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We've actually explored the air fryer craze briefly on Gamereactor, in the form of a Quick Look focussed on the Xiaomi Smart Air Fryer Pro, which you can see below.


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