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Star Wars: Visceral Games Project

Amy Hennig to get Honor Award at GameLab 2018

One of the most renowned scriptwriters and directors will be in Barcelona.

Following other industry legends such as Will Wright, Hideo Kojima, and Richard Garriot, Amy Hennig will be the first woman to receive the Honor Award at GameLab this year, who will be presented with the award at this year's 14th Edition in Barcelona from June 27 to 29.

The director and scriptwriter for the acclaimed original Uncharted trilogy and one of the creative minds responsible for modern storytelling in videogames, Hennig is also "one of the most admired and beloved by her colleagues all around the world", according to GameLab director Iván Fernández-Lobo, who also adds that "her romantic approach to videogames have helped elevate the standards of the media".

Being educated in both literature and cinematography, Hennig leaned her career towards interactive storytelling in Hollywood, working for Atari and EA before writing and directing the story for Legacy of Kain, with Soul Reaver being one of her accomplishments. After 10 years at Naughty Dog (including Uncharted and Jak and Daxter), she recently moved on back to EA, and was the most recognisable face behind Visceral Games' secret Star Wars project before its cancelation last year.

What Hennig will talk about at GameLab is unclear as of yet, but what is clear is that she'll be joining the ever-growing female presence in the event's speaker list.

What's your favourite of Hennig's works?

Star Wars: Visceral Games Project

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