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Amy Hennig is joining Google at GDC

She'll be there alongside Crystal Dynamics, Raph Koster, Ubisoft, and id Software, meaning anticipation is high for next week.

As if anticipation around Google's Game Developer Conference (GDC) appearance on March 19 - during which time they'll reveal their gaming plans - wasn't high enough, the Google Developers Twitter account has been cranking up the hype even more.

Just yesterday it revealed that Ubisoft and id Software would be joining Google for the Developer Day session at the event, and now another tweet adds the small detail that veteran developer Amy Hennig will appear alongside Crystal Dynamics and Raph Koster too, all three of which will be appearing on a panel on March 19 at 15:00 PT (23:00 GMT).

Hennig is known for a number of games, including her time as director for the Uncharted series, and Koster is best known for his work as lead designer of Ultima Online. Crystal Dynamics, however, is a developer that's worked on the rebooted Tomb Raider trilogy, although they're currently working on an Avengers project right now.

We weren't unexcited when Google promised to show off "the future of gaming" next week, but with these recent announcements (including the fact that fellow industry veteran Jade Raymond has joined Google as VP), Google has made sure that everyone is paying attention. Maybe don't expect the rumoured Google controller though.

Will you be watching Google eagerly next week?

Amy Hennig is joining Google at GDC

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