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      Among Us

      Among Us to get a friend's list soon

      InnerSloth has shared a roadmap for what's next for the social deduction title.

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      Innersloth, the developer of the massively popular social deduction game Among Us has revealed what will be coming to the title throughout 2022. Mentioned in a blog post, the information comes after the game recently added more roles, 15 player support, and Cosmicubes, so that players can earn some more cosmetics by playing.

      As for what's next, the blog post notes that there are several new features coming during this year, with a highlight being a friend's list, so that you can more easily group up and create lobbies to play. We're told that, alongside some quality of life improvements, which includes improvements to the UX, the friend's list is InnerSloth's "main priority at the moment", meaning while the feature doesn't have a release date, we can likely look forward to it coming sooner rather than later.

      Otherwise, the post also shares that the developer is working on (in no particular order) bringing more roles to the game, more cubes, hide 'n' seek, and more collaborations, with the latest of these seeing Ghostface from Scream landing in the title.

      Not a whole lot else was mentioned, aside from the fact that Among Us was the most downloaded game on PS4 and PS5 in December, and that there is more information on Among Us VR "on the horizon". Check out the very rudimentary roadmap below.

      Among Us

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