Americas and Rest of World FIFA champions crowned

The Road to London continues.

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Two season 2 Road to London regional finals for the FIFA Interactive World Cup took place last weekend, seeing champions from both the Americas and Rest of the World regions crowned, those being Giuseppe 'XGUASTELLAX' Guastella, and Mosaad 'MSDOSSARY7' Aldossary respectively.

All of the contenders were battling to have their name on the roster for the FUT Championship in Berlin on May 19 and 20, and XGUASTELLAX impressed by only losing one game in the group stage, beating recent New York City FC signing Christopher 'NYC_CHRIS' Holly 4-1. MSDOSSARY7, from Saudi Arabia, also dominated his competition, but he didn't lose a single game throughout, so is definitely another one to watch as well.

Who can be the best FIFA player in the world?

Photo: Electronic Arts

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