AMD releases 1080p, high refresh rate RX6600XT graphics card

It's set to be valued at $379.

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AMD has released a new graphics card called the RX6600XT. Like its siblings, it builds on the highly scalable RDNA2 platform, comes with 8GB GDDR6 memory, 32MB Infinity Cache, Smart Access Memory for optimisation with AMD CPU's, support for AMD's open source upscaling FidelityFX Super Resolution, and if current comparison charts are to believed, it will offer 15% higher framerate than the Nvidia RTX3060, which is its main competitor, while it clearly goes for the main market, the GTX1060, which is still the most dominant PC graphics card according to Steam.

AMD promises 125 FPS on average across the most played PC titles in 1080p.

"1080p has long been the most popular resolution for PC gaming, and in 2020 more than two-thirds of the gaming monitors shipped were at this resolution3, however, the most popular older-generation 1080p graphics cards can struggle to even hit 60 FPS in modern games," said Scott Herkelman, corporate vice president and general manager of the graphics business unit at AMD. "The Radeon RX 6600 XT raises the bar for 1080p gaming. It was specifically designed to deliver the ultimate 1080p gaming experience for all gamers, offering powerhouse performance and advanced features to bring beautiful, complex and hyper-realistic worlds to life."

The car naturally has DirectX 12 Ultimate support, Anti Lag and Radeon Boost with Variable Rate Shading, which in games like Warframe can give a 48% performance increase according to AMD.

The card has 32 Compute units, Boost Clock is at 2589Mhz, a 128 bit Memory Interface, and the reference design has a single 8 pin connector for the 160 watt power rating.

There is an official reference design, but AMD will at this point not be selling any cards themselves, but leaves that to their 3rd party board partners. The card will go on sale on the 11th of August with prices starting at $379.

AMD releases 1080p, high refresh rate RX6600XT graphics card
AMD releases 1080p, high refresh rate RX6600XT graphics card

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