AMD Radeon "Big Navi" specs rumoured to have leaked

The AMD Radeon Big Navi is rumoured to house a lot of power, according to users on Twitter.

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While we have been waiting for the RDNA 2 platform which is said to battle Nvidia's Turing architecture, manifested in the form of RTX graphics cards, both present and future in the form of the next-gen Ampere, little has been known about the specifics as AMD has kept Big Navi to themselves.

The current RNDA cards, named Navi 10 and 14 looks to get a hefty upgrade, as a document from the supplier SK Hynix - which are most famous for making RAM sticks, reveals a product with double the number of shading units from current cards (5120), double the number for computing units, Texture Mapping units and a huge increase in Render output units (64 to 96). Memory would be 24 GB (current is 8), HBM2e RAM, with a 4096 bit Memory Bus, and a 2048 GB/S bandwidth. Holy moly.

This falls close to rumours of an upcoming Radeon RX 5950XT card, based on RDNA 2,

This has been made available via the twitter account CyberCatPunk, which has now been closed, however, a number of media saved the image and screenshotted the tweet before it was removed.

This aligns with comments from Hans De Vries that points out this is consistent with known Big Navi numbers and previous SK Hynix presentations.

However, 24 GB of cutting edge, multi-stacked HBM2e RAM will likely be very expensive.

AMD Radeon "Big Navi" specs rumoured to have leaked

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