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AMD proves talks about PC slowing down is outright wrong

Its quarterly revenue is up 70%.

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There have been talks about the PC market slowing down as people returned to their ordinary lives after the isolation during the pandemic. During the pandemic, the sales of computers boomed as people needed gear to work from home or just use for entertainment.

But AMD doesn't seem to have got the memo from the naysayers, and delivered record breaking numbers for the first quarter of the year during their financial report recently. It turns out they beat the estimates for both revenue and earnings, with the former being up by 71% ($5.89 billion revenue) compared to last year.

As noted by CNBC, AMD also took some market shares from Intel and "every one of its individual lines of business growing by double digits during the quarter". One example of this growth comes from the computing and graphics segment at AMD, which increased by 33%. To sum it up, don't expect PC gaming to decline anytime soon. Or as the AMD boss Lisa Su puts it:

"Although the PC market is experiencing some softness coming off multiple quarters of near-record unit shipments, our focus remains on the premium, gaming and commercial portions of the market where we see strong growth opportunities and expect to continue gaining overall client revenue share."

AMD proves talks about PC slowing down is outright wrong

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