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AMD and Intel share updates on CPU supply

So far both companies seem confident that supply and shipping won't be drastically impacted by the ongoing pandemic.

Both Intel and AMD have reached out to their customers recently, with both companies stating that supply chains and shipping are currently on par with normal expectations.

Intel, having had a so-called Pandemic Leadership Team in place for more than 15 years, has seemingly been prepared for these events for some time, and have made sure not to have everything centralised (unlike companies such as Apple, who in all fairness started production in places other than China last year). AMD, on the other hand, stated that it is actively maintaining business continuity, without being overly specific as to the details.

Neither company has adjusted its expected earnings forecast, indicating some confidence. However, with the two rivals having combined world dominance over the CPU market, and with a spike in telecommunication and Internet usage, a rise in the sale of industrial equipment is to be expected if nothing else.

Of course, if the previously predicted decline in consumer sales proves wrong, both companies will have a challenge if they're going to meet the demands of both industry and the wider public.

AMD and Intel share updates on CPU supply

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