AMD aiming for 1440p ray-tracing

The tech manufacturers connection to next-gen consoles could also put them ahead in the PC race.

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AMD seems to be targeting 1440p with ray-tracing for its upcoming line of Radeon RX 6000 GPUs. The technology manufacturer has shown an interest in competing with Nvidia's DLSS system, as stated by AMD's EVP of Computing and Graphics Business Group Rick Bergman in an interview with The Street.

"Our goal was at 1440p to have a great ray tracing experience. That was kind of the performance level that we targeted. Now it depends on particular games and everybody's systems and so on, but I think you'll find that we have very good ray-tracing performance overall."

"The RX 6000 line uses the RDNA 2 underlying architecture, and that's what Sony and Microsoft also use. Probably more than any other feature, that's where we're going to get leverage from being the silicon provider for the game consoles as well as PC.

The technology he eludes to will not be ready until deep into 2021, however with the connection AMD shares with Sony and Microsoft, due to their tech powering the graphics in the next-gen consoles: This new RDNA 2 system will likely cause some turbulence in the PC market, as making games suited to this ray-tracing tech would become easier for developers. Essentially, why develop a game for two unique ray-tracing architectures, when instead you can build around just one.

AMD is also still working on FidelityFX Super Resolution, their counterpart to DLSS. The catch is however, this system still seems somewhat far off, meaning you should absolutely not hold your breath waiting for it.

AMD aiming for 1440p ray-tracing

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