Dual Universe

Ambitious sci-fi MMO Dual Universe goes into alpha

Though you'll have to dig deep to get in at the start.

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Dual Universe is a game that wants to bring people together. All of them, in fact. Novaquark has built a world with a footprint similar in size to that of Great Britain (we didn't check the veracity of that particular claim but we're happy to take them at their word) and the tech powering things should allow millions of players to exist on the same persistent server. Ambitious is certainly the right word to describe a game that lets players explore and mine their way around a huge sci-fi sandbox like this one.

If you'd like to see the game for yourself there are a number of options. The freebie is simply to take a look at the trailer below and watch it in action. After that, however, it gets a little bit more expensive. The Sponsor Pack will set you back a cool €120 / £107 / $137, while the Patron Pack will cost even more at €180 / £160 / $205. Finally, if you're happy to wait until sometime next year, the Contributor Pack is available for €60 / £53 / $68. More details can be found here.

We're hoping to find out a bit more about the game in the weeks ahead, so stay tuned to Gamereactor for more on Dual Universe.

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