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Amazon wants to make a Mass Effect series

Is seemingly in the final negotiations with EA and Bioware, so we hope Mr. Cavill is ready.

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Back in February, it seemed like Henry Cavill, known for Man of Steel, The Witcher, Mission: Impossible - Fallout and more, was teasing a Mass Effect movie or series. Most of us thought this was a Netflix project because the talented actor did this while sitting in the makeup chair for the streaming service's The Witcher, but that's apparently not the case.

Usually very reliable Deadline claims that Amazon Studios is nearing a deal to make a series based on Mass Effect as part of its increased focus on the fantasy genre. We're not told anything besides that, which among many other things means we don't know if it's planned to be an original story or a similar to the games and comics.

This also makes me even more curious about Cavill was teasing, as it seems weird that he would all but confirm a series that hasn't gotten the green light yet. Maybe he is in what we're calling Mass Effect 4? Only time will tell, but what do you hope for?

Amazon wants to make a Mass Effect series

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