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Amazon Luna is now available in the UK

The cloud-based game streaming service also debuted in Canada and Germany.

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While those in the UK have had access to cloud-streaming game technology from a variety of different sources, be it Xbox's XCloud, the now defunct Google Stadia, and even the systems used on PlayStation and Nintendo platforms, another is now joining the fray.

Because Amazon Luna is now also available in the UK, as Amazon has expanded the service beyond the reaches of just the US, with this expansion also including Canada and Germany.

As this is a subscription service, getting access to the games present in its library will include having to spend £8.99 a month to acquire a Luna+ subscription, or instead paying £14.99 for Luna+ and Ubisoft+ together.

The full library offered by Luna also includes Resident Evil 2 and Resident Evil 3, as well as Devil May Cry 5, Alien Isolation, Control, Dirt Rally 2.0, Metro Exodus, and more, and as for where you can access Luna, the service is present on PCs and smart devices, and is compatible with keyboard and mouse, and Xbox and PlayStation controllers, meaning you don't actually need to buy the Luna console or controller to play it.

Amazon Luna is now available in the UK

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