Amazon Japan has sold out of Xbox Series S/X for the second time

Considering the dreary sales performance of the Xbox One in Japan, the Series X and S seem to be doing rather well.

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Xbox has never been huge in Japan, outside a small period for Xbox 360. But even with that being said, it has never been as bad as it is for Xbox One that has lifetime sales of roughly 115,000 consoles in Japan. That is not too far from what Nintendo Switch alone sells every week, as a comparison...

But things have slowly seemed to be shaping up and last month, Phil Spencer revealed that Japan is the fastest growing market for Xbox. And when the pre-orders for Xbox Series S and X started over there - it quickly sold out.

We assume that Microsoft hasn't exactly allocated huge quantities to Japan, but when they recently got a restock of new pre-orders... the very same thing happened again. VGC writes that Amazon Japan sold out in a couple of hours even from the second batch.

Last month, the Xbox head honcho Phil Spencer said to Famitsu that he was humbled "to consider how well the Xbox Series X/S has been welcomed by Japanese fans". We'll have to wait until the official release to see how many pre-orders they actually had (unlike the rest of the world, we get actual numbers from Japan), but it seems like Microsoft could be off to a much worse start.

Did you expect this to happen?

Amazon Japan has sold out of Xbox Series S/X for the second time

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