Alzara Radiant Echoes

Alzara Radiant Echoes smashed its Kickstarter goal in two days

The JRPG is now ticking off stretch goals on a near-daily basis.

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There are a lot of JRPG options out there so it can be difficult to grasp which ones are worth keeping tabs on. One that definitely seems worth paying attention to is Studio Camelia's Alzara Radiant Echoes, with this being a JRPG made by a French team who were inspired by famed titles like Golden Sun and Final Fantasy X.


The game is slated to make its arrival sometime in 2026 on PC and consoles, and with that release window in mind, the developer has been running a Kickstarter as of late to secure additional funding for the project. Fans have clearly wanted to express their interest in the game, as despite only being active for a few days as of the time of writing, Alzara Radiant Echoes has already smashed its base goal and begun to tick off several stretch goals. So far, the game has raked in £142,000 from nearly 3,000 backers, and the campaign will even remain active for a further 15 days.

With the funding secured already, the game has not only been crowdfunded, but it will now get English voice acting, famed Japanese composer Motoi Sakuraba will work on the entire soundtrack, a battle management system will be incorporated, and no doubt the in-game codex will be included soon too.

Speaking about what this game is, its description notes: "ALZARA Radiant Echoes is a turn-based JRPG that draws inspiration from beloved classics of the genre, including Golden Sun and Final Fantasy X. Set in a fantastical world where the power of the four elements intertwines with themes of camaraderie and unity, you will embark on an epic journey alongside Kayla and her allies. Together, they wield elemental magic, seamlessly combining their abilities to unleash awe-inspiring new forces."

You can head to the Kickstarter page over here to learn more about Alzara Radiant Echoes and to even pledge to the game if you want to.

Alzara Radiant Echoes
Alzara Radiant EchoesAlzara Radiant Echoes
Alzara Radiant EchoesAlzara Radiant EchoesAlzara Radiant Echoes

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