Alogic LIFT 4-in-1

Charge your phone, watch and two other gadgets at the same time via the same powerbank.

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I've said it so many times before and I'll say it again; there's a huge joy in seeing different kinds of gadgets that you'd normally have to carry separately combined into a single gadget, making use and transport more compact and convenient.

Alogic are experts in this field and have recently taken a closer look at the traditional power bank and expanded how it can charge your Apple gadgets.

It's called "Lift 4-in-1", and the name actually tells us a lot. Because there's actually room for you to charge an iPhone, an Apple Watch and two more devices via the included ports at the same time.

Alogic LIFT 4-in-1

At first glance it's sturdily constructed, no doubt about it, and on the front there's the now iconic MagSafe shape that indicates quite clearly that you slap it on the back of your iPhone and begin a magnetic wireless charge through it. I myself have an iPhone 15 Pro, and here it lifts up a bit and doesn't quite align with the bottom of the phone, which is a bit annoying to say the least, but via a small sturdy kickstand on the back, you can actually have the phone standing on the Lift 4-in-1 as if it were a kind of overnight charger. At the same time, you can also use StandBy Mode seamlessly.

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The kickstand on the back, however, offers a secret. The centre can be folded out further into a small Apple Watch shelf, so you can also charge your watch in an elegant way. In addition, there is a USB-C port that can deliver 18W wired and a USB-A port that can do the same. Here, Alogic has chosen broad functionality above all else, which may make sense, but personally, I'm so done with USB-A that such a port is basically just a waste of space.

Both the MagSafe and the Apple Watch charger use the Fast Charge protocol, so there is no sacrifice in terms of speed by using this instead of a regular charger. Furthermore, the capacity is a whopping 10,000mAh, which is useless for a MacBook Pro, but can charge an iPhone 15 Pro Max twice without any problems. Plus, it only weighs 120 grams, which is actually quite impressive.

Alogic LIFT 4-in-1

It's not all a bed of roses, though. The recess for the Apple Watch is quite small and the small shelf is not quite horizontal, which is a bit awkward. Furthermore, as far as I can see, there is no "passthrough", which means that the Lift 4-in-1 is not able to maintain an energy level and charge your devices at the same time, if it is plugged in. It would have been obvious to let the Lift 4-in-1 be both your permanent charger on your bedside table at home and always have a fully loaded power bank, but alas.

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But overall, due to its relatively high capacity and low weight, I tend to take it with me wherever I go, and the Lift 4-in-1 only cements that Alogic is on top of things and knows what they're doing.

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