Final Fantasy XV

Almost 80% of Final Fantasy XV UK sales were on PS4

Final Fantasy fans are sticking with PlayStation.

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Final Fantasy XV finally released last week, and it quickly became the franchise's second biggest ever launch. We could already make a guess that there'd be more sales for the game on PS4 than Xbox, but according to GFK Chart-track, the sales were incredibly skewed towards the console.

The report says that 79% of all sales of Final Fantasy XV were on the PS4, meaning just 21% of sales was for the Xbox One. This means that last week the game was the top best-selling console on the PlayStation, but only the sixth best-selling on Xbox. Overall, FFXV was no.2 in the physical sales chart last week in the UK, sitting just behind FIFA 17.

It's normal for PS4 to have stronger sales for games as the more dominant console, especially in the UK, but for Final Fantasy to sell four times the volume on PS4 is staggering. Do you think this is surprising, given that the series is normally synonymous with PlayStation?

Final Fantasy XV

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