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Dota 2

Alliance win at the Dota Summit 10

Alliance and paiN fought intensely throughout, leading to a grand final contest between the pair.

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The Dota Summit 10 competition from Beyond the Summit took place this past weekend, and after a dominant performance throughout the event, Alliance were the team to emerge victorious, beating other top teams in the Dota scene to make their mark.

They were top of the Round Robin group stage at the beginning of the event, beating all other teams 2-0 while being held to a 1-1 draw with paiN Gaming, who were second in the group. In the playoffs paiN managed to best Alliance 2-1 to send them to the lower bracket though, where Alliance beat Team Serenity 2-0.

This set up a rematch between the two best teams of the event, and Alliance were able to get their revenge, sweeping paiN aside 3-0 to claim the trophy for themselves.

Did you expect Alliance to win in the final?

Dota 2
Photo: Beyond the Summit

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