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Alleged insider sheds light on Valve's Half-Life projects

Or should we say lack of.

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Game Informer has recently posted a discussion with an alleged Valve insider discussing Half-Life and whether there may ever be another one, and if this insider is to be believed, then there never has been official plans for a Half-Life 3.

"There is no such thing as Half-Life 3," the insider says. "Valve has never announced a Half-Life 3. The closest they've come is after Half-Life 2, they said there would be three episodes. We only got two of those. That is arguably an unfulfilled promise. Anything else that we might think about as a full game or sequel has never been promised. I only mention that because it's sometimes frustrating when people sort of assume or have wishful thinking about the future. Because they want to speak about the future, the fantasy starts to become real in their minds, even though they have a completely different form on the developer side."

"You have a whole bunch of pet and big projects going on. All of that is getting more gravity than this third episode of Half-Life. There's something with that third episode that isn't sitting right with Gabe and other people at Valve. Ultimately it just starves to death. The people that tried to give it life find themselves better off working on other projects. What you have left is nothing going on with Half-Life."

But how close have they come? Well, the insider thinks that it's never been that close. "I've heard that some teams have had two to three people working on it, and they eventually ran into a wall, and some teams may have gotten up to 30 or 40 people before it was scrapped."

Do you think we'll ever see another Half-Life?


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