All we know about the PS4 Slim

The new standard PS4 going forward may have been overshadowed by the Pro console, but still warrants a closer look.

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Yesterday Sony held their highly anticipated PlayStation Meeting in New York city and after Microsoft shocked many with their announcement not only of the Xbox One S but also of Project Scorpio back at E3, many were eager to hear what Sony had to say about upcoming consoles and what the reveals would be. It turns out they also had two consoles up their sleeve, the PS4 Slim and the PS4 Pro, the former of which is set to come out very soon.

A new standard

To start with possibly the least surprising part of the meeting, considering leaked units have been spotted in the past few week, Andrew House took to the stage to finally confirm the PS4 Slim we all knew was coming. After mentioning this generation had sold over 40 million units, House said that the Slim would be the standard going forward.

Size, shape and weight

Sony claim the Slim has a totally revamped internal architecture, reducing the volume of the console by more than 30% compared to previous models. The weight is also reduced by 25% compared to the original CUH-1000 series and 16% less than the current CUH-1200 series.

In terms of shape, it is similar to the other models in the sense that the slanted body design remains, with both the backside and foreside of the console at a slight slant. The corners, however, are less sharp, being trimmed and curved for what Sony call "a softer impression that would appeal to a wider range of audience." The PS logo is on the centre of the top surface with a gloss finish.

To put this all into dimensions, though, it will be 265×39×288 mm (width x height x length) and will weigh in at 2.1 kg.


As well as 500GB HDD there will also be a 1TB HDD version although we have no indication what that will cost yet, although we've asked Sony for more details on that.

HDR capability

HDR (High Dynamic Range) imaging technology will also be supported out of the box, which is the same as the original PS4 (after an update) and the upcoming PS4 Pro. HDR will allow the reproduction of brightness and darkness as well as realising a wider range of colours too, giving vivid pictures truer to the way the eye sees the world.

Processing, CPU and GPU

The Slim is set to have a single-chip custom processor and in terms of CPU is has x86-64 AMD "Jaguar", 8 cores. In regards to GPU, though, it has 1.85 teraflops and and AMD Radeon based graphics engine.

Alleged 5GHz WiFi

Older devices offer only 2.4 GHz frequency for WiFi, and the PS4 especially struggled to get a strong and stable frequency. Rumour has it, though, that the Slim will support 5GHz at long last, meaning better connection for everyone.

Although not directly confirmed by Sony, pictures online have emerged showing a new "Wi-Fi frequency band in use" on the new "View Connection Status" screen on the console's menu as well as the new 5 GHz range being described on the instructions manual.

This will come as a welcome feature as the Xbox One and Xbox One S already have this, although as we said it is yet to be directly confirmed by Sony.

Energy efficiency

The Slim is more energy efficient as well, cutting power consumption by more than 34% and 28% compared to the original and current models respectively.


As with the PS4, there will be two USB ports as well as an AUX port too.

Operating temperature

Sony claim this console will range between five and 35 degrees celsius when operating.

AV Output

Again, as with the PS4 a HDMI output will be supported as will a HDR output.

Release and cost

The slimmer version of the PS4 is set to come out on September 15 and will cost £259 ($299/€299)

All we know about the PS4 Slim

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