All Walls Must Fall

All Walls Must Fall available in Early Access

Play the strategy game for yourself right now.

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The German-based indie developer Inbetweengames has released its tactical 'tech noir spy thriller' All Walls Must Fall into early access as of today, a project that was successfully funded via Kickstarter almost two years ago (hitting its target in five days) and is finally available on Steam and Itch.io now.

What's more is that there's new content in the game as part of the release into early access, including a drone enemy type, a group elimination mission type, and guard quarters room type, not to mention the underground railroad mission chain and updated backroom. As if this wasn't enough, the devs also promise updates every three to six weeks in early access.

We're looking at the strategy game as we speak and will share our first gameplay impressions with you later this week, but if you can't wait that long you can always purchase it for £11.99. There's even a 10% discount if you buy before August 15, and you can buy the soundtrack for £3.99.

What's your thoughts on the strategy game? Does it offer something exciting?

All Walls Must FallAll Walls Must Fall
All Walls Must Fall
All Walls Must FallAll Walls Must Fall

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