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All the videogame movies currently in the works

From Uncharted to Duke Nukem, here are the videogame movies that could see the light of day.

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The past twelve months have been pretty brutal for the film industry, and while things seem to be finally shifting into a streaming-centric new normal, we do still have to take movie release dates with a grain of salt. Assuming that the future has not been indefinitely cancelled - the very fate a lot of movies have experienced - there are a whole bunch of videogame movie-adaptations currently in the works. To get you up to speed with everything planned, we've prepared this article.

Quick note: There are tons of videogame movies that have been announced over the years that we've heard nothing from since. As these projects are probably never going to see the light of day, despite not receiving an official cancellation, we've omitted them from this article.

Mortal Kombat - 16 April

Kicking off the list is the soon to release, and highly anticipated Mortal Kombat reboot. This movie is said to feature some of the best fight scenes in film and will bring a host of the iconic characters from the game to the big screen again. With an April 16 launch date, we don't even have to wait too long to see some fatalities in glorious live-action.

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Resident Evil - September 3

Another reboot of a beloved series, Resident Evil is set to hit the big screen on September 3 and is expected to have a focus on the first couple of games - that is if the names littered on the movie poster are anything to go by. With Kaya Scodelario, Neal McDonough, Tom Hopper and plenty of other recognisable names starring, this will hopefully make for an exciting flick when it lands.

Uncharted - February 11, 2022

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Uncharted was previously set to release in a few months, but was met with another delay, pushing it all the way to February 11, 2022. This adaptation of the Naughty Dog game sees Tom Holland and Mark Wahlberg starring, and is set to show us a look at a younger Nathan Drake as he meets lifelong friend Sully.

Minecraft: The Movie - March 4, 2022

Interestingly enough, a blog post from Mojang still states that Minecraft: The Movie is set for a March 4, 2022 release date, but considering production seems to have halted, following a disagreement between previous director Shawn Levy and Mojang, that date is looking less and less likely. With a fight against the Ender Dragon to save the Overworld from destruction as the general plotline, we'll have to see how this blocky world fits on the big screen.

Sonic the Hedgehog 2 - April 8, 2022

Despite dealing with all manners of criticism when the first trailer was unveiled, Sonic the Hedgehog the movie turned out pretty great, or at least great enough to spawn a sequel. The creatively-named Sonic the Hedgehog 2 is set for an April 8 release date next year; will see Ben Schwartz back as the blue speedster; and if the logo is anything to go by, might even give us a look at the movie's version of the yellow fox Tails.


Super Mario: The Movie - 2022

A briefing from Nintendo back in September last year confirmed that not only is Super Mario: The Movie still set for a 2022 release date, but that the CG-production is "moving ahead smoothly." We don't have much to go by for a plot here, but we do know that Shigeru Miyamoto is collaborating on the project.

Tomb Raider 2 - TBA

Before that little thing called a global pandemic hit, Tomb Raider 2 had a March 2021 release date attached, but considering the Alicia Vikander-led movie hadn't even started filming late last year, the movie quickly had that date pulled and it now sits in the indefinite delay limbo. The movie does have a director attached and considering the first was a moderate success, production will hopefully continue sooner rather than later.

Borderlands - TBA

Videogame movies have long had a stigma that they are cheesy and quite bad, and in a lot of instances that is the case. But, the Borderlands movie is seemingly trying very hard to counteract that impression, as it has lined up an A-list star studded cast to portray the iconic Vault Hunters from the Gearbox developed looter-shooter.

Call of Duty - TBA

A Call of Duty movie had seemingly been in the works for a while, with the director of Sicario 2, Stefano Sollima attached to helm it. But, in mid-2020, Sollima tweeted that the movie had "stood still," despite a script from Joker's Scott Silver even being written. Today, an indefinite release seems to be attached to the project, but considering the progress that was made, let's not completely rule it out just yet.

The Division - TBA

Ubisoft and Netflix hashed out a deal late last year to bring a bunch of the publishers iconic franchises to life in either a movie or TV show format. One of the planned projects was a live-action The Division movie, starring Jake Gyllenhaal and Jessica Chastain, and it's still very much in the works, despite already seeing a change of directors.

All the videogame movies currently in the works

Duke Nukem - TBA

The news of a Duke Nukem movie started going around a few years ago, when it was revealed that Platinum Dunes, Michael Bay's production company had been signed on to produce the movie, and that action star John Cena himself was allegedly lined-up to play the lead role. Little information has since been unveiled, but there has also not been any official cancellation notice.

Five Nights at Freddy's - TBA

The recent Nicolas Cage movie Willy's Wonderland is pretty much what we'd expect when it comes to a Five Nights at Freddy's movie, but it isn't the official adaptation of the franchise. Chris Colombus is attached to the actual FNaF movie, and it was moving along swimmingly in its pre-production in 2018 before writer Scott Cawthorn threw out the script in favour of a better alternative. The movie is remarkably still planned.

Gears of War - TBA

The planned Gears of War movie has sort of disappeared from headlines these past couple of years, but it was previously revealed that the movie would exist in an alternate reality to the games. Everyone's favourite gritty COG legend Marcus Fenix is expected to appear however, and while no official casting has been announced, Dave Bautista has expressed his interest in taking the role.

Just Cause - TBA

A movie adaptation of Square Enix's Just Cause was revealed back in 2017, but it was only last year when it finally landed its director, Stuber's Michael Dowse. The film did previously have Aquaman's Jason Momoa attached in the lead role, but production hell begs the question of whether that still remains true. Either way, John Wick co-creator Derek Kolstad is set to write the script.

All the videogame movies currently in the works

Metal Gear Solid - TBA

When it was announced that Oscar Isaac would be taking the lead role of Solid Snake in the Metal Gear Solid movie, the internet exploded in excitement. Very little else regarding the movie has been revealed since, but the casting does seem to suggest that the project is very much alive and well.

Pokémon: Detective Pikachu 2 - TBA

The sequel to the surprisingly good Pokémon: Detective Pikachu is in the works, and while the movie will likely see Ryan Reynolds return as the smart-mouthed furry yellow detective, very little information has been detailed right now. We do know that Oren Uziel, credited for his work on the soon to release Mortal Kombat movie is tied to the project as a writer, so hopefully production on a script is underway.

Sleeping Dogs - TBA

The movie adaptation of 2012's Sleeping Dogs has been in production hell. The project was announced, seemingly underway, and now today, we're unconvinced it will ever see the light of day. Chinese action star Donnie Yen has been attached to the movie for some time now, and he does seem eager to get production rolling, so don't count this one out just yet.

All the videogame movies currently in the works

Movie production can be turbulent, so don't be surprised if a bunch of these projects do eventually get canned. With at least a few of these looking like they are moving forward, there are a few videogame movies to be excited for. In the meantime, be sure to check out all the videogame TV shows currently in the works right here.

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