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All is fair in Love and War in Fortnite

The first event of significance of the year has landed, and there's free cosmetics up for grabs.

The first notable event of 2020 has descended on Fortnite, with a new Search and Destroy LTM mode called Love and War appearing in the game as of yesterday.

Now players can complete challenges to unlock a new pickaxe, emote and a wrap - what a time to be alive - and we're told that there are plenty of themed outfits on the horizon too, especially for those who like to invest their hard-earned cash on cosmetic items.

Love and War is a best-of-11 team mode, where one team of six attacks another as they defend a bombsite. Taking down your opponents earns you gold to spend on in-game items, and the aim of the game is to win six rounds.

The event is set to end on February 17.

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