Alienation trailer shows off different character classes

Will you choose the Tank, the Bio-Specialist or the Saboteur?

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When we got to play Alienation back in February we we're told that it would be possible to choose between different classes when the game launches. We didn't get to play as all three, but thanks to this new trailer we finally get to see them all in action.


Still confused? Here's the information in image form.


According to Tomasso de Benetti's post on the PlayStation blog each class has a unique primary weapon, three unique upgradable active abilities, and three upgradable passive abilities. Players will be able to level-up from Level 1 to 30 in either campaign missions, bounties, or procedurally generated scenarios that they don't want to spoil for us.

The passive abilities are divided into three types: Athlete, Warrior and Survivor. Like the active abilities, each track can be upgraded several times. Each time an ability point is spent, you'll be asked to make a tough decision between two possible upgrade options. One of their examples is choosing if health orbs give you back more HP or extend the duration of the Xenoflower's boosts.

Can't decide which one sounds the best? Don't worry. You'll always be able to re-spec your soldier.

Alienation is set to launch for the PlayStation 4 on April 26.


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