Alienation downloads its first update patch

Bugs have been killed colorful-style. No local co-op as of yet, though.

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As highlighted by our review, Alienation provides a pretty intense, colourful and fun creeps-blasting action experience as it is, but in the three weeks that have passed since its launch developers at Finnish studio Housemarque have already found a couple of ways to polish and improve the game. With the just launched 1.01 patch, the PS4 exclusive has had some bugs killed and some features improved, but the highly-requested local co-op multiplayer isn't part of this patch.

Alienation's official site provides the full patch notes list (for instance you will no longer go through walls after teleporting or die if you fall outside of the mission area) and promises "a precise ETA for the second patch, including local co-op and more new features developed after listening to community feedback" as soon as possible.


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